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How Does An Electric Smoker Work? All You Need To Know

How Does An Electric Smoker Work

I’m sure if you have recently moved to a new area and are thinking about using an electric smoker. Because your place may have a strict smoking policy, or you might be an apartment dweller. Whatever the reason, there is always a good reason to switch to electric smokers and know about how does an electric smoker work. If you want to know all about it, stay tuned. Let’s jump into it.

Nowadays, electric smokers have become increasingly popular because of their efficiency both at home or at any professional kitchen place.  An electric smoker only needs a bit of electricity while providing a large amount of cooking space. It has become more popular to people these days. Now you can chill around while placing your food in it and forget about the food till it is ready.

This works effectively as a substitute for a grill while we can enjoy perfect barbeque through it. Now you might be wondering how this electric smoker works. Let’s go for it. 

How does an Electric Smoker Work?

Like other conventional smokers, you are not required to wait for an electric smoker to light. All you need to do is to plug in the machine and wait a bit for the wood chips to begin smoking. It might take almost 12-15 minutes. When the smoke is ready, you need to add your food and begin cooking it. 

Other than this, you can open the door anytime you want without interrupting the cooking process of your food on an electric smoker. Moreover, your electric smoker does not lose much heat even if you open it, fiddle with your food and close it again. In addition to this, opening the door once or twice does not damage the food as the heat, smoke and moisture replace very fast on an electric smoker.

How to use Electric Smoker

In order to pull out an electric smoker, it has a compartment on the side of it. You can add more wood chips through it. All you need to do is pull it out and place some chips of wood in it and then close it again. As a result, it becomes easier for People who do not like to refill the chips by keeping the door open. An electric smoker is considered very convenient and safe for use.

How Does an Electric Smoker Cook?

At the very bottom of the electric smoker, there is an element that passes the electricity in order to function the machine. Usually, that specific element is situated at the bottom of the drip tray. It is a high resistance element through which the electricity passes in order to create temperature, which goes through the wood chip pan to cook food. 

When wood chips begin to become hot, they start to heat up to burn and make smoke. First, the smoke travels to the water tray, which is located next to the water bath.

Other than this, vaporized water or steam becomes created from the heat, and it starts to travel upwards. The steam here keeps the food moist and distinct flavored, and on the other hand, the heat cooks the food ultimately. 

Generally, electric smoker functions as an electric oven that we usually use at home; on the other hand, solid-fuel smokers are more like creating a profound flow of smoke, heat, and moisture.

Electric smokers are very effective and compact, even though sometimes they might seem ineffective in some cases. You can utilize the electric smoker in a smaller area that can help you with all moisture, heat, and smoke you need. 

Comparison between Various the Best Electric Smokers 

In order to heat up the electric smoker, you need to plug in, and the electric element, which is located at the bottom of the smoker, will create the temperature.

It can heat up a pan which we usually fill with wood chips. The smolder is created by the wood chip that results in the necessary smoke to cook. As a result, this resulting smoke and temperature will ultimately cook the food. 

There is an extra pan that works as an element for water to make steam in some smokers. This steam helps to keep the meat in a moist condition. Other than this, this steam helps the smoker to clean inside the machine. if you have no idea how to clean please read our article “How to clean electric smoker” 

There is also a biochemical process that happens in order. For instance, meat that is smoked by the machine is almost the same as it is in a solid fuel smoker or propane smoker. 

But exceptionally, a smoker of solid fuel is way more versatile than others when you want to experiment on the way you cook. But on the other hand, in most electric smokers, you can control the temperature and maintain the operation as an advantage.

Moreover, it consists of an adjustable thermostat that can be both digital and analog. But because of the factor of element wattage draw, some of the smokers have a default temperature. 

Nevertheless, solid fuel smokers can make strong flavor when it comes to food quality, textures, and tastes. On the other hand, in comparison with propane smokers or solid-fuel smokers, an electric smoker can be conducted at an inferior heat condition. 

Is Electric Smokers Energy Efficient and Economical? 

As long as it comes to the designs, electric smokers are magnificent. But unfortunately, they are not so energy efficient or economical. But still, the heat, smoke and moisture they produce help effectively in the cooking process.

On the other hand, it runs for like two to three hours to cook food, that’s why it requires quite a lot of electricity to prepare food. But if you are concerned about economic and energy efficiency, you can go for a solid-fuel smoker as well. 

Electric Smoker with Wood Chips

The wood chips in an electric smoker usually do not burn without bursting into an explosive way. Though they slowly burn, they never touch the electric element or fire. Something like how bread usually does not keep in touch with a toaster.

How to Electric Smoker Work

An electric smoker will need a lot fewer wood chips than other smokers. Most of them will need many wood chips to maintain a decent smoky flavor to the food. In an electric smoker, there is a limited space for wood chips to burn. 


Q1: Does an electric smoker require wood chips? 

Answer: Usually, an electric smoker does not require wood chips because they are already automatically designed to elect them electrically.

But wood chips can assist with smoke that can improve the quality of taste in your cooking meat. 

Q2: Are electric smokers suitable for indoor use?

Answer: Yes, electric smokers are a better choice, mainly when you are in an apartment where you are not allowed to use gas Smokers or solid-fuel-based smokers.

Electric smokers are good for small area usage and also expensive than other smokers like pellet smokers.

Q3: How much electricity does an electric smoker consume?

Answer: Usually, an electric smoker does not use a lot of electric energy. For electric smokers that are available in the market, most of them require about 800 watts of energy per hour.

So suppose you smoke your meat for about 5 hours, then your electricity usage will be about 4000 watts of energy. Though it depends on the usage of the consumer. 

Q4: What is the average lasting period of an electric smoker? 

Answer: Electric ovens can be considered an intelligent investment for the long term because most electric smokers last about six to ten years. Though it depends on the manufacturing companies mostly.  

Final Thought

Hopefully, you have found enough insights into how does an electric smoker work. We have tried to walk you through the processes that you need to know to use this.

Electric smokers can produce strong smoky effects like solid-fuel and gas-powered smokers with their effective design and smart manufacturing system. You can cook flavorful food with a smoky environment through it in a condensed space. 

If you find this article informative, give it a thumbs up and do not forget to share this with your friends and family. Moreover, if you have any questions regarding this, feel free to ask in the comment section. Stay safe! 

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