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How To Clean Electric Smoker After Use? Step By Step Guidelines

How to Clean Electric Smoker

While smoking the meat using an electric smoker, you need to deal with dripping fat, ash, sauces, and many more. Hopefully, you can get how quickly the smoker becomes dirty. That’s why’s the user looks for the answer “how to clean electric smoker”.

Although cleaning the smoker process seems tiresome, but the foods hopefully become genuinely delicious. Interestingly, an electric smoker will help you getting such mouth-watering smoked foods year-round. 

After using it for a lot of cooking, the smoker may become dirty quickly. That eventually leads to not working or malfunction related issues.

You can easily avoid those by cleaning the smoker regularly. That cleaning will ensure the further smoking process great. However, without lingering the initial discussion, let’s jump into the main topic. 

How Often Should I Clean my Smoker?

So, when it is better to clean your electric smoker? Actually, the best time is when you spot any problem. The problem may like doesn’t smoke or firing up correctly. That problem indicates something is clogged up inside your electric smoker.

Therefore, you should take the necessary steps to clear correctly. 

However, a rule of thumb is the electric smoker demand cleaning in every 3 to 5 uses. 

Clean Electric Smoker

The Steps of cleaning the Electric Smoker

Step No. 1: Washing the Removable Components of Your Smoker

a) Cooldown your Electric Smoker After using

Before going to the cleaning step, you need to cool down the smoker, at first. Once you cool down after using, you can easily clean your electric smoker. At that time, the debris remains warm and let you remove all those easily. So, let’s go through the process of how to remove the debris from the smoker.

  • You already know the warm smoker make the cleaning easier. So, if your smoker isn’t warm, turn on the smoker, set the maximum temperature, and run it for one hour. After that, you need to unplug to cool down for a while.  
  • The maximum temperature typically depends on the model, but the average model offers 135 °C (275 °F).
  • After leaving it for some time to become cool, now you can touch all the components and surfaces of the smoker easily. 

b) Remove all the removal components of the Smoker

You hopefully know which components allow removing, so remove all those carefully. Typically, the debris can be found in the drip tray, racks, and water pan. So, once you take out all the removal components, you need to soak all those in the hot and soapy water.

Interestingly, the soaking technique loosens the debris and grease and allows you to quickly and easily wash those components. 

c) Clean the water pan, drip tray, and racks by hand using hot soapy water

Naturally, all the debris can’t remove easily so; there you need to use a scraper and sponge. But, we hope, soaking in soapy water makes the removal easy. 

  • The size of the water pan, racks, and drip tray typically depend on the smoker. But, we hope that those components can easily place in the dishwasher. 
How to Clean Electric Smoker top side

Step No. 2: Clean your Smoker’s inside components

a) Clean the ash from the Smoker box

The smoker box is used to put the wood chips during the smoking process for ensuring smoky flavor in food.

Note: If you see the ash remains warm, you need to dump those in a non-combustible container to keep aside fire-related hazards.

For the cool ash, you can quickly leave those in the usual trash can. After that, you need to take a damp cloth and clean the smoker box. 

b) Keep something to catch debris under the smoker

To clean the floor and the walls of the smoker, you can use a soft-bristle brush and plastic scraper. Now, brush thoroughly on your smoker floor’s edge to wipe out the debris and then brush onto the trap. 

This step is necessary to remove debris from the inside part of the smoker. Moreover, you need to ensure cleaning the inside corner of the smoking chamber because that section typically gets overlooked.  

c) Clean the smoker’s inside surfaces and walls

At first, soak a sponge in the water and then squeeze most of the water. Now, clean your smoker’s inside. That will ensure removing existing grease. 

Note: One point that demands attention, like the smoker’s wall, may become darker. You have better avoid that place to clean by scrubbing.  

The seasoning (also called darkening) helps you to avoid rust and ensure smooth operation. 

d) Wash the glass door of the smoker

The glass door of the smoker is vulnerable to the build of grease quickly. Therefore, you can’t easily notice the food. So, to wash appropriately, you can use a scouring pad, warm and soapy water. Then scrub the door of your smoker to remove the grease. After removing the grease, you need to rinse the smoker. 

You can use a grill cleaner on your smoker’s door to loosen the grease as another option. After that, take a damp sponge to clean the glass.

Step No. 3: Wash your Smoker’s Outside

a) Use a damp cloth to wipe the outside

Building dust on smokers inside and outside isn’t unnatural. Your job is to clean the sides and the top of the smoker routinely to ensure good looking. Sometimes, we left our electric smoker for some days without using it.

Therefore, the dust and cobwebs may build up quickly on the backside of the smoker. In that case, your job is to examine the backside of the smoker to clean out dust and cobwebs.

Attention: You need to ensure the door seal is cleaned properly because the grease herein may cause a stop working related problems.

b) Dry up the Smoker

Due to using soapy water in the cleaning process, your smoker becomes wet. Therefore, you need to dry it up. You can use a paper towel to clean the inside area of the smoker. Alternatively, you can take old newspapers. 

After that, you need to keep the smoker in the open area for about an hour. Moreover, it would help if you dried the drip tray, water pan, and racks using a paper towel to keep them dry from residual moisture.

c) Finally set up the smoker

At the beginning step, you remove all the removable components. Now, we have finished our cleaning process now and carefully put all those components in a particular place. However, you can start using this smoker after setting all those removable components.


Q.1 Can you use oven cleaner on an electric smoker?

Using oven cleaner to clean inside the electric smoker isn’t recommended by the expert. However, if you really want to use oven cleaner to clean the electric smoker, you can use it in the outside section. Therefore, the cleaner won’t contact with the food. 

Q2. Should you clean the inside of a smoker?

Yes, you need to examine the electric smoker’s inside section and clean that when needed. Moreover, the inside area is vulnerable to get rust due to the oily and smoky components.

So, you need to be careful about that. Usually, many users are seen to neglect their smoker cleaning duty, but dumping ashes and grease need to perform mandatorily.

Q3. Is it safe to use an electric smoker overnight?

If you want to smoke meat in smokers overnight, you need to ensure continuous monitoring. It isn’t safe to leave the smoker overnight without monitoring.

Notably, the pellet grill can be left that for some time, but it will depend on when you can.   

Q4. Can you clean a smoker with Simple Green?

Yes, you can use simple green to clean your electric smoker. Notably, the simple green is non-toxic. Apart from using it in the smoker, you can use it for your garden horse. 

Q5. Can electric smokers stay outside?

Actually, the electric smoker is better to use in uncovered or the place hasn’t any shed. Moreover, you need to ensure the place have no connection with the living room. 

Also, you can keep that inside your room; then you will get a fume like smell. If it doesn’t matter to you, hope that others may take it seriously. However, some users told to use this appliance in the open, but experts don’t recommend it. 

Final Thought

If you owned an electric smoker, hopefully, you can enjoy a mouth-watering smoky meat test year-round. Unlike other appliances, this one demands routine cleaning every three to five uses. The cleaning process will ensure the appliance will serve you a long time without showing any malfunction. 

Not only that, your food will remain safe to eat. Hopefully, we can introduce you to a most seeking question of the smoker owners called “how to clean electric smoker”. However, if you have any additional information beyond our discussion, please share using the comment box. 

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