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Home » Pit Boss 700fb Review: Should I Purchase It For My Outdoor Kitchen?

Pit Boss 700fb Review: Should I Purchase It For My Outdoor Kitchen?

Pit Boss 700fb Review

Being a fan of BBQ & smoking, every cook would look for Pellet grills that can sear the steaks perfectly. Generally, Pellet Grills offer relatively lower heat than gas ones. Pit Boss is a renowned manufacturer that promises the best flavors to consumers. Are you interested in the Pit boss pellet grill 700 FB? Is it worthy of the outdoor kitchen? 

Pit Boss 700 FB pellet Grill promises proper searing with its sliding plate technology. It is really a clever method to ensure true flame & heat for searing. In this content, we will test if Pit Boss can really perform as per our expectations. Bear with us for Pit boss 700FB review in detail. We have inspected carefully to answer all of the queries. Let’s dive in now!

An Overview On Pit Boss 700FB Pellet Grill:

Pit Boss 700 Series is a perfect grill for versatile usage. Either you need to roast, sear, braise, smoke, or bake, the grill will serve the purpose efficiently. Its 700 sq inches cooking area features S-tier racks which are enough to serve food for 4 to 6 people at once.

The broiler and modern control let users cook as per their style. The brand is confident that their natural hardwood pellet fuel will beat the Propane Grills by its unique flavors & tempting taste. The cook can set the temperature from 180 ° to 500° and doesn’t need to babysit the device. Its heavy-duty construction, structure, quality & precise temperature control ensures high longevity with convenience. 

PIT BOSS 700FB Pellet Grill, 700 sq. in.


  • 700 sq. in. total cooking surface.

  • Porcelain coated cast iron grids.

  • Digitally controlled burn system.

  • Fueled by 100% natural wood pellets.



Model Name: 700FB

Power Source: Electric Cords.

Type: Pellet Grill.

Package Dimensions: 24.8″x 22.05″x 43.11″

Weight: 117.95 lbs.

Cooking Surface: 700 Sq Inches.

Origin: China.


  • Pit Boss 700 FB grill offers heavy-duty construction with classy gauge steel.
  • The grill features a 700 square inches cooking area.
  • The digital control system & LCD control offer precise control over the temperature. Just set the temperature from 180° to 500°F & forget it. 
  • The iron grates are durable and specifically coated with porcelain. 
  • It is super easy to install & maintain. Just remove the racks, rub & clean them within minutes.
  • The Grill delivers the best flavor and taste every guest would love.

What We Liked:

  • Pit Boss really has solved the struggle of searing meats. Now we can enjoy well-seared meats due to easily slidable metallic broiler plates.
  • The porcelain-coated grates are too convenient to clean. Just brush them a bit if required.
  • The grill is built up with heavy-duty materials. The heavy-gauge steel grates will last for an extended period without any issue.
  • The cooking area is spacious enough to support cooks during small parties & family gets together.

 What We Didn’t Like: 

  • The overall positioning of the second rack is not too convenient. Thus, cooking beneath the rack is quite tricky.
  • The lid of the handle is pretty wide. So, the user may come in contact with the hot lid accidentally.
  • The basic model doesn’t feature any side shelf. It may feel a little awkward without any space to arrange plates or hang tongs. 

Why Would You Choose Pit Boss 700FB: Check The Details Now!

Among all grills in the industry, we choose Pit Boss grill 700fb as it is really the best one. Let’s check the basic criteria of the Pit Boss 700 FB review.

Build Quality: 

The grill you are going to choose should have a heavy-duty structure and durability. Like Camp Chef, Pit boss doesn’t come with stainless steel construction. Its grills are made of heavy-gauge steel, and iron grids show porcelain coating. Due to porcelain coatings & effective heat retention. cooks can expect nice searing.

Surface Area & Capacity: 

A wider surface area would let cooks grill more meat at once. The internal cooking surface strictly measures around 523 inches. The company has also provided secondary cooking racks, which increase the total cooking area measuring around 700 Square inches. Seven hundred square inches is perfect for grilling meats for more than six people.


Incredible Taste and deep flavors are the main criteria a cook needs to check before purchasing a grill.

Pit Boss performs incredibly in delivering the flavors and juices the guests will love. It also adds the right flavors of cherry or apple. Its slidable metallic plate also plays an essential role in offering a char-grilled finish. Either a cook wants to serve pizza, steaks, chicken, or turkey, the heat of the Pit Boss grill will be highly suitable.

User Convenience: 

If it is a beginner or a lazy guy like me, Pit Boss grill 700 FB will be a perfect choice. Just set up the machine and forget. It doesn’t require consistent babysitting. Moreover, the grill features wheels for easy maneuverability.


Durable grates mean high longevity. As per pit boss wood pellet grill reviews, it has a durable porcelain coating to prevent stickiness. The porcelain coating also retains heat for fast & convenient cooking.


Ease of Maintenance is an essential factor other than grilling capabilities. Most of the grills of the market are quite tricky to clean & handle. However, cleaning Pet Boss 700fb is super convenient as it features a pellet cleanout chute & porcelain-coated grills. 

Temperature Control: 

Precise temperature control is essential to enjoy tasty grills & rich flavors. Its temperature ranges from 180° to 500°, and a digital thermometer ensures precise temperature monitoring.  The digital burn system & LCD control has made temperature controlling easier than ever.  


Every buyer wants a grill that will be cheap yet excellent. Pit Boss grill is the best one as it offers the best features within an affordable range. Yeah, natural hardwood pellets are relatively more expensive than Charcoal. However, that much investment is worthy to enjoy precise temperature control & convenience of Pit Boss.


Every buyer expects support from the brand they are investing in. For the customer’s peace of mind, Pit boss has offered a one year warranty on their eclectic system and several specific components.


Q: 1. Are Pit Boss Grills Any Good?

When it comes to building quality, temperature control, user convenience & warranty, it’s really hard to beat Pit Boss. Moreover, they are highly affordable. If a buyer has a low budget, the pit boss series will be the right choice. Due to its high quality and affordability, Pit Boss really stands out in the industry.

Q: 2. Which Pit Boss Pellet Grill Is The Best? 

Pit Boss has a wide range of pellet grill collections. Among all, we would recommend investing in classic 700. It has been a game-changer since 1999. So, go for it without worries.

Q: 3. Is Traeger Better Than Pit Boss?

It’s really hard to choose between Traeger and Pit Boss, as both brands offer awesome performance. When it comes to durability, temperature control, or space, both brands are fantastic. However, Pit boss offers better warranty solutions than Tiagra. If we consider the budget, Pit Boss is the sure winner.

Final Words: 

After going through our detailed Pit boss 700FB review, I believe you no longer have doubts. I personally loved Pit Boss for its durability, longevity, ease of usage, and maintenance. If a cook prefers pellet grills, he must try Pit Boss to taste some amazing flavors. Trust my words; you really won’t regret it.

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